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Running Horse Re-boot

May 25th – The Health Foundation

Open copyright picture of child

The Running Horse Group had a get together at the Health Foundation on May 25th

A summary of the event via slideshare is below and Susannah Pye has just blogged on Claire Lemer’s Guest Lecture. 



This website is in development. It will contain a repository of useful links in respect of child health, regular blogs from a spectrum of people involved in the care of children and the method of ‘joining’ the RHG and receiving newsletters.

What else would you like to see (and what don’t you want!)


4 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. Interested in this, but as I have two children under three and live in Oxford, would need a different format to join in! Online discussions?

    • Hi – thank you. It is a persistent problem for the group to be nationally inclusive. The ease of holding events in London does end up discriminating those who live further north and south – especially as we have no funds to offer expenses. I suspect A-V capability will not be available on the 23rd but we will discuss future solutions/fixes to this. I am keen to promote more online discussion and this website was one such method. Suggestions to help make things easier always appreciated!

  2. Is there a way I could please contact members of the group, to see if anyone is willing to share CIPs with me please?



  3. Thanks Lucy – sadly this website isn’t as curated as it should be!

    Tried to move the group to the Health Foundation Q community – are you a member as well worth posting there!

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