August Newsletter

Isaiah and Improvement Manager’s Choice

A quick round robin…..

Two short reports, both very readable should have crossed your desks over the summer. The recent Berwick and Keogh reviews have hopefully set a great tone for short, digestible, and focused publications. Unfortunately quality of report writing is worth nothing, if nothing results. Whether tenants of evidence based medicine and quality improvement will now be joined by cultural change remains to be seen.

Some of the drive behind Berwick’s work can be found in this article (very US centered) but with an underlying philosophy applicable to all health systems

Those who attended the Train-the-Trainers Quality Improvement Day in July feedback positively and the fruits of their work will be seen as a formal introduction to Quality Improvement and Patient Safety day in September 

Please do spread this link!

There is an Evening of Evidence series also commencing in September. It is a shame this is purely London based and I will feed back about the need for greater regionality if enough people mention this to me.

Finally, although many of you will have seen this, I thought sharing this emotive Cleveland Clinic produced video short was worth sharing with those who haven’t. I think all new starters should have see it.

Hope the rest of the summer is enjoyable and you get some form of a break!



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