2014 – A new year and a new website!

Dear All

I hope you have enjoyed, where possible, the holiday period and have had some chance to ponder on 2013 before we quickly move into the New Year.

It has certainly been a year of reflection: Francis, Keogh and Berwick all giving food for thought. These reports were not always directly related to Child Health but Staff numbers, whistle-blowing, quality of care and giving all health care professionals a voice are issues affecting us all.

The Running Horse Group has reflected on its communication strategy in the last year and it is clear the LinkedIN group is not proving particularly effective (and in some cases actively putting people off). It is with this in mind that a new website has been created www.runninghorsegroup.com and will be the conduit to communicate with members. ‘Membership’ will be a loose concept but it would be fantastic if you could simply enter your e-mail address by clicking the FOLLOW button on the front page. It’s free and you’ll only get e-mails when new blogs and newletters get sent out.

2013 was a year of commentary and review. There will be much to action in 2014 if outcomes and services are to be improved. The new Quality Improvement arm of the RCPCH ably led by Running Horse Group members Alice Rouche and Jane Runnacles will start to come into its own as the train-the-trainer scheme spreads out regionally. In addition please do look out for the RCPCH/Running Horse Group/Clinical Standards Committee pre-conference QI workshop on 7th April. It will be a chance to meet like minded individuals (we are going to bring those from the same region together) and learn from those who have gone about instigating large and small scale projects.

I wish you a very happy new year and please do spread the word about this new website!

All the best 🙂