Quality and Improvement…. Making them words with meaning?

Taking over the mantle of ‘integration’ and ‘change’ as buzzwords to spread generously throughout business cases, articles and strategy documents ‘Quality Improvement’ is beginning to embed itself in the ‘cultural landscape’ [1]

It’s been great to see the EQUIPed series published (open to anyone with an Athens password) and Bob Klaber and I have set out a challenge to the Child Health Community on the importance of QI. However ultimately these are just words on a page and transforming clinical practice is a completely different prospect. In order to aid this, in collaboration with the RCPCH clinical standards committee, we have set up a day to discuss, reflect on and network individuals hoping to deliver improvement in their organisations.

A flyer for the event can be found here with some great speakers:

Professor Jason Leitch, Clinical Director, The Quality Unit, Scottish Government

Dr Jonny Taitz, Director of Medical Services, Royal North Shore Hospital (Australia)

Professor Matthew Scanlon, Professor of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin (USA)

Dr Pierre Barker, Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (USA)

(a video of Jason Leitch in action can be found here – see the 4th innovation video)

We need your support to get like minded people together – if you enjoy the resources on our inspiration page you know you will be good company!

Please register to join us!

The Running Horse Group





[1} the irony of using a buzzword itself is not lost on me before anyone comments 🙂


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