Foundation of Child Health

Together we can plan sustainable service models, develop policy and research, and advocate for the wider health needs of children. At the same time we want to maintain control of the core professional functions of the college that form the lion’s share of the our work.”

– Hilary Cass, RCPCH Focus, Spring 2014 Newsletter

On the 5th March the RCPCH council voted by a clear majority to approve the next steps in the development of multi-disciplinary Foundation of Child Health within the RCPCH. Further details on the consultation and next steps can be found here.

With any change comes a concomitant fear. Is the status quo so bad? What happens if things get worse? What are we giving up? It is likely that the move towards a multi-professional body will raise eyebrows. Perhaps even some vitriol. Many members worked hard just to create the RCPCH, why would they want that work want to go waste?

This junior paediatrician, speaking here for myself rather than behalf of the Running Horse Group (although we are in agreement that the Foundation is a good thing) feels the concept of not moving in a direction that makes us multi-professional is almost absurd. I work on a daily basis with nurses, nurse practitioners, health care assistants and play specialists. I have also been part of a college structure which is bureaucratic, hierarchical and slow to react.

There will be much to be discussed on the Wednesday 9th April at the EGM. There is still debate to be had – so please do ask questions, raise queries, voice concerns. Without an open dialogue we very much run the risk of being a┬áRoyal College of Paediatrics and nothing else.

Comments very much welcome

Dr. Damian Roland