RCPCH EGM – The Future of the college is in your hands

The College’s Council recently decided to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on the 30th September to allow Members the opportunity to vote on proposed changes to the College’s structure, including the proposal to create a Foundation of Child Health.

Unfortunately it is not possible to vote other than in person due to governing documents and because of the overall charity legal framework (rationale in point 8 here).

As the Hilary Cass (President of the RCPCH) has explained:

“The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss a set of proposed changes to the governance of the organisation. These changes would create a smaller Board of Trustees than we have in the current Council, and will pave the way for establishing a multi-professional Foundation of Child Health within the RCPCH. The proposals would also safeguard our roles in paediatric training, exams, and CPD through a College Council chaired by the President. The new Board of Trustees would retain a paediatric majority. The changes have been subject to an extensive consultation process (see here) and have received approval both from our existing Council and from our regulator the Privy Council.”

This is a significant phase in the Colleges history so if you are able to participate in the EGM please do register to come on the day. It is being held in tandem with a CPD Event (Child Health: the Future is in your hands). If you are able to attend we look forward to seeing you there.