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At the heart of the Running Horse Group is the philosophy that improving child health is a job for all health care professionals:

Inspiring the Child Health workforce to deliver high quality care that delights children and their families 

The RCPCH have been looking at a way to maintain the clinical and professional standards of its medical membership while integrated with other health care professionals. However as you may be aware a motion to push forward with a Foundation of Child Health was defeated at the recent EGM. The process raised a number of questions about how members can put forward their views in matters as important as governance and structure. This was a concern from both sides of the debate on the proposed changes to the council and the creation of a Foundation of Child Health.

A recent e-mail from Dr. Hilary Cass has asked members to get in contact with their regional representatives (copying in in relation to the prospect of  electronic/postal voting and the best method of consulting on future structural change.

Views are needed by the 5th November. This is an important debate, and while the time scale is short and clinical pressures high at this time of year, it is important that as many members as possible have their views heard.


An introduction to Quality (for Improvement)

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I recently presented at the RCPCH Clinical Tutors event on the theme of Quality Improvement. I was doing an introductory talk while colleagues Jane Runnacles and Bob Klaber provided advice for those with more experience.

I was asked by the college to place the presentation on the college tutors website but I felt the collection of pictures and minimal text wouldn’t be much use to those not at the talk therefore I have quickly done a video-cast of the presentation. I have edited some of the content and wasn’t able to embed some of the videos but have supplied links for them.

I am by no means an expert on quality improvement but have some credibility in a few projects I have been involved in. The links to the journals I have mention are below:

Paediatric Trainees and the Quality Improvement Agenda: Don’t just do another audit

Delivering Quality…

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What I learnt this week: Balancing proper procedure with paediatric passion #WILTW

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This is the tweentieth #WILTW

In my humble opinion the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have been very lucky. On Tuesday an Extraordinary General Meeting took place in regard to the governance and trustee structure which would lead to an opening up an arm of the RCPCH to all child health professionals. Details on the proposals can be found here

The outcome of the EGM was that the Foundation of Child Health was rejected. This is a great shame but I say the college has been lucky as I had half expected to see a Daily Mail headline:

Paediatric doctors feel they are more important than other health care professionals“.

Fortunately this angle was not taken, in fact there was virtually no media coverage. Those opposed cited potential conflict if the paediatric ‘medical’ lead for the college and a non medical lead for the Foundation disagreed…

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