Rebooting the Running Horse Group

First off an apology for the quiescent nature of blogs and output over the last year. Juggling numerous responsibilities and dealing with ever increasing service pressures I hope is not a unique experience.

However a meeting date has been set for the next RHG get together: November 23rd

The day will start at the IBM Southbank Centre from 2pm. Places will be limited for this phase of the day so if you can e-mail me to confirm asap I would appreciate it. There will be a few keynotes and opportunities to influence innovative work going on around the country.

In the evening there will be a working dinner with a chance to exchange thoughts and share some ideas. It’s fine just to join the evening event.

A lot has yet to be confirmed (including location for dinner) although I am aware no-one is interested in coming to another ‘talking shop‘. For those who have been involved in the RHG since its inception I think (hope!) the network has provided a safe and valuable space to discuss and debate. I’m probably not going out on a limb by guaranteeing if you have a problem we can find you someone who has solved it.

I also appreciate it is yet another London-centric event. Without a funding stream and a need for hosts willing to operate at no cost, with no guarantee of attendance, options are limited. I am always open to other suggestions for the future though!

Please save the date and further details will follow!

All the best



2 thoughts on “Rebooting the Running Horse Group

  1. felicitytaylornicu

    Hi Damian, Fantastic work, thanks! In the diary and study leave will be requested! All the best Felicity

  2. Ditto (to Felicity’s post) – thanks for sorting this & looking forward to meeting you guys there 🙂
    Shout if you need a hand/local ‘minion’. All the best, Shahid

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