“By the Banks of the River” RHG Meeting Review (23rd November 2015)

Thank you to all those who attended the recent get-together. It was a brilliantly diverse crowd ranging from paediatricians to technologists, and from parents to managers.

My sincere apologies as the following is not as comprehensive as it could (or should) have been but hopefully gives a sense of what was discussed and debated. It is clear to me other mechanisms need to be found of bringing people together and in the time available we didn’t have time to get to the thorny question of what is the RHG and how do we sustain it!

I am inspired (and a little bit humbled) by the closing comment of one of the participants though:

It is fantastic to see a group of people motivated to make the system better

Afternoon Meeting

This essentially involved a round robin of idea generation. Some of the themes:

A. Can and how do we use Big Data for patient experience?

B. How do we improve our interaction with our patients (on top of being better communicators). Can we crowd source technologies to improve this? Do we really understand how “apps” are utilised by patients/public?

C. Lack of Free Wifi: Is this because of a Bureaucracy or     Infrastructure deficit?

D. A guide to improving wifi – Hesham Abdulla discussed the outcome of this NHS Change Day project. Can the RHG produce a guide to help other trusts do this?

E. How do we give and share information with children, young people and parents in a meaningful way? (can we move beyond the paper information leaflet?

F. How do we test and adopt new technology without an increase in resource (time) and cost

G. How do you get people together to share ideas that don’t rely on them meeting each

H. How do we improve paper based observation

I. How do we apply healthcare business intelligence data in practice?

If the list above triggers ideas or suggestions please do get in touch! Ian Hennessy shared his experience of Alderhey’s recent Hack with MIT. While ‘hacks’ are all the rage the focused nature of this event with clear Chief Executive backing demonstrates what can be achieved in 36 hours.

Evening Meeting

This essentially focused on logic models and was skilfully facilitated by Bob Klaber. The discussion focused on patient experience and outcome and the experience of those parents of children with chronic and complex needs was very beneficial. Looking through the lens of “Avoiding unnecessary suffering or harm” appears to be a good way of determining the relevance of various facets of a model. Should all logic models be ‘visceral’ in their production?

There was some discussion on whether Right Place, Right Time and Right Person was meaningful. Should it be Equitable place, Safe time etc..

The UK and European model of paediatricians vs GPs vs Community Paediatricians was debated as was access to data. A great quote I heard from the #MedX conference was “why do cybercriminals have easier access to my data than I do

I asked people to sum up some of their learning or thoughts from the day. A selection of the quotes:

Makes me feel I really need to sort out the little things

Importance of story telling

Power of having non-clinicians in the room

The most authentic socialism I have come across

Sorry this is not a more detailed summary but at some point in the new year I will do a further call to find a mechanism to bring people together again to discuss objectives and strategy.

Thank you to IBM for hosting the afternoon event, Thinking of Oscar for assistance in organisation and all those who attended and contributed so enthusiastically!

All the best














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  1. What is the best way to have a discussion on this – is there a Facebook group? I don’t think comments on a blog are as easily navigated…

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