The Running Horse Group at the Health Foundation…!

Hi All

It’s been a long time since the Running Horse Group has been active. Life, as is said, can get the better of you!

Inspiring the child health workforce to deliver high quality services that delight children and families 

Since its inception, those involved the Running Horse Group have been passionate about improving the quality of care for children. However while social media and the digital era has made the world a much smaller place the ability to actually meet face-to-face seems to have become progressively harder.

The Health Foundation have kindly donated us a room in their Convent Garden offices on 25th May from Midday onwards. In conjunction with Dr. Susannah Pye (the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow at the Health Foundation) we’ve put together a programme to consider the past, present and future role of the RHG. There will be presentations from the improvement team at the Health Foundation, with a specific look at what’s been happening across the UK in relation to paediatric services. It’s going to be an opportunity to explore what can be achieved as a network of professionals  interested in child health  focused on leadership and management.

If you are interested in attending please do e-mail me at This is an opportunity to step outside our hectic lives and take stock of bigger picture items which may be impacting on our services. Hopefully people will be able to stay around for evening drinks and food afterwards as well 🙂

All the best






One thought on “The Running Horse Group at the Health Foundation…!

  1. Dear Damian I do not have any doubt about your passion and enthusiasm for QI and patient safety. As you know in Wigan we reduced harm to patients by 90% and it is throughout the Trust and not just in Paediatrics. In fact in Paediatric department CQC identified some real problems.I have now left Wigan.

    What CQC found in Wigan is a lesson why patient safety and QI is patchy in NHS. It all depends on good leadership, good team working, good consultants inter-personal relationship, good accountability and good culture.

    NHS has many elephants in the room like cultute of bullying, harassment, discrimination, poor leadership and poor accountability.

    Unless we address all these sadly patients, staff and NHS will suffer. Please note I am not saying this is present in your department or Trust. Unless we all work together sadly patient safety and QI will be patchy and hit and miss.

    College must take active role in addressing these.

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